September 27, 2010

Cool Products - Back to School

The beginning of the school year is a perfect time to get your children organized. I've found some 'cool products' that are sure to keep mornings calm and the kids on track...

Lillian Vernon has a few that I thought would be helpful. The first 'Cool Product' is the Days of the Week Hanging Organizer.

How many of you have fought the 'What am I Going to Wear Today?' battle...and lost? Check the weather report and the kids' schedules and fill each compartment with clothes and accessories for the week. No more morning hassles and "Where is my...?" questions.

It comes in two styles--one that hangs in the closet and one that hangs over the door--choose whichever works best for your child's space.

The second 'Cool Product' is Personalized Pencils
When I was a elementary school teacher, my students were always losing their pencils and accusing each other of taking them. With the personalized pencils, your child will always know if someone has 'borrowed' one by mistake. They'll be more likely to keep them safe from loss, too. Your child will always be prepared with a pencil!

The third Cool Back to School Product from Lillian Vernon is the Over-the-Door Library Center--a great way to organize children's books. Designate one or two spots for library books and you'll always be able to find them when it's time to return them. That's what being organized is all about: Being able to find the things you need when you need them.

To see these and more organizing products for kids, go to and click on 'Lilly's Kids.'

It's never too late to get your kids organized for the school year!