December 31, 2010

I'm a Guest Blogger!

I'm very excited to announce that today, I am guest blogging at great way to ring in the new year for my business. Dana Ostomel, the Founder of Deposit a Gift, offers her blog's readers an interesting and informative array of posts written by her and guest bloggers. I am honored to be among them. My post is aimed at brides and grooms and it is called, "Planning Your Wedding? Get Organized!"

Deposit a Gift is a cash gift registry service created to simplify and modernize gift giving. Know any brides or grooms to-be? Share the above links with them. After the wedding, they'll thank you for much more than your generous gift...

December 30, 2010

Holiday Storage

I once had a client who kept her artificial Christmas tree in a ratty cardboard box. She said to me, "Every year I take it out of the box and hope it (the box) survives another year. I just don't know how else to store it."

I also had a client who stored her tree ornaments between towels in a laundry basket.

To both of them, I recommended holiday storage solutions.

Why use holiday storage?
• It protects your holiday decorations from dirt/bugs/small creatures
• It holds the shape of holiday items such as trees and wreaths
• It helps to organize decorative items

Now is the perfect time to purchase holiday storage--before the tree and all of its trimmings get put away. Here are a few options at different price points that can assist in making next year's holidays less stressful and more joyous.

From inexpensive to high-end:

Christmas Tree Shop (or any similar discount store)
I saw an ornament organizer for less than $5 last time I was there.

The Container Store
Wing-Lid Ornament and Light Storage Boxes $14.99-19.99

Lillian Vernon
Wreath Storage Bag $14.98

Tree Duffel $69.95

The Cover Store
Rolling Tree Storage Bag (up to 15') $149.99

If anyone knows of menorah storage solutions, I'd be interested in seeing those...

December 24, 2010

Wall Street Journal Covers Gift Wrap Organization

Remember back in the 1980's when it was revealed that Candy Spelling, wife of the multi-millionaire Aaron Spelling had a gift-wrapping room in her home? I personally couldn't believe it but then again, I grew up in an apartment--who has room for a gift-wrapping station, let alone a room?

Growing up we had a gift-wrapping 'box.' It was a sweater box from the GAP and inside we had some wrapping paper, bows, tape, scissors and a few other decorative doo-dahs for wrapping presents. After reading about Mrs. Spelling, my mother said, "Well, it seems fitting that a large house has a gift wrapping room while an apartment has a gift wrapping box."

At a time when people are engaging in gift wrapping as a winter sport, the Wall Street Journal has run an article on Gift Wrapping Rooms and their new popularity.

Curious? Read "More Homes Making Room for Wrapping."

My gift wrap storage system is larger than a GAP box now but not quite the size of a room (it's housed in a small closet with the gas meter in my basement). Maybe someday I'll have a gift wrapping room. A Professional Organizer can dream, can't she?

December 12, 2010

Let Them Come to You

How's that Winter Cleaning comin' along?

The guys at Goodwill were happy to see me and I was happy to see more of my garage.

But what if you have more Winter Cleaning donations than your vehicle can hold? What if you don't have the time during the holidays to deliver them to the thrift shop yourself?

Certain organizations will pick up donations from your doorstep--rain or shine. Many of them place postcards in your mailbox a  week or two before they will be in your neighborhood. I just received a postcard from Big Brothers Big Sisters with the tag line: 'Yes. We want the shirt off your back.' I thought that was pretty clever...

Here's a short  list of organizations that offer free pick up of donations at your home:

Big Brothers Big Sisters (Northern New Jersey)

Vietnam Veterans of America
(Most US states)

(Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia)

The Salvation Army

Keep cleaning. Then pick up the phone and set up a time for a pick up. You'll be glad you did.

December 8, 2010

It's Outta Here...

I took my own advice and met a goal I had set for my second year of blogging.

In my Anniversary post, I said that I wanted to post more pictures on my blog. Here's a picture of  a bunch of misc. items. 

These bags are from my own 'Winter Cleaning' as I discussed in my last post. My husband and I recently spent five hours in our basement making it a more functional space for us as a family. While doing that, we found many items we no longer wanted and decided to donate. Tomorrow I'm loading up my SUV and making a trip to the Goodwill on Rt 17 in Paramus, NJ.

What's going to come out of your 'Winter Cleaning?'

December 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning in Winter

We all know about Spring Cleaning, but what about Winter Cleaning?

The Winter Cleaning I'm talking about has little to do with a dust rag and a mop. It has more to do with purging. Take a look around your home. Do you have a lot of 'stuff' you don't know what to do with?

There are many people who are out of work or who are living on less this holiday season. Consider donating your unwanted items to local thrift stores or international charities. Those toys your children no longer play with make inexpensive holiday gifts when purchased from a thrift shop. The clothes that no longer fit you will keep someone warm, dressed for work, and feeling good about themselves.

So when you're finished reading this blog post, think about what you can take to your local donation center. There's no need to wait until Spring to do a thorough 'clean-out.'

November 27, 2010

Got Leftovers?

How many times have you eaten turkey in the past 72 hours?

I don't cook the turkey but for the past bunch of years my cousin hands me the turkey carcass at the end of the night. I can pick a good two pounds of meat off the bones so when I'm looking to do something creative to it, I turn to the Food Network website.

If you still have some leftovers and need a new recipe, check out Food Network's Thanksgiving 2010 Leftovers page. My personal favorite use of turkey leftovers is Rachael Ray's Turkey Corn Chili recipe. Try it over brown rice for a change of pace from the usual flavors of Thanksgiving.

Let's make sure none of those leftovers are left to languish in the back of the fridge. Clear containers are best--no tin foil surprises at the end of the week.

Get ready to purge your fridge anyway...Hannukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa are just a few weeks away.

Gobble, gobble...

November 19, 2010

I'm on Facebook!

OK--so it took me a while and I still need to tweak it a bit but Organized Artistry finally has a Facebook Fan Page!

Come on over and add yourself to the growing list of people who 'LIKE' it. I'll be offering holiday organizing tips through the end of the year--who can't use a few of those?

See you on Facebook...

November 12, 2010

Organizing for the Holidays

Have you eaten all of your kids' Halloween candy yet? Make way for chocolate turkeys and Russell Stover Santas--it's holiday time! I know you're busy just thinking bout the holidays and for those celebrating Hannukah, it's an 'eat-turkey-then-quickly-fry-latkes' kinda year.

To help make this holiday season less stressful, run, don't walk over to my website to read, 'Tools and Tips for Keeping the Holidays Organized.'

I'd love to hear if any of the tips worked for you.

Still working on that Facebook Fan Page. I'll let you know when I'm up and running!

November 1, 2010

The Container Store's New Stocking Stuffers!

It must be holiday time! I just got an email from The Container Store with their 'Top Picks' for Stocking Stuffers.

I love to see what gadgets they sell for the holidays. One year I saw a rubber duckie shower cap that looked adorable (I had really long hair at the time). No matter how many times I stopped into The Container Store near me in Paramus, I could not get one--all sold out!

I've since cut my hair and am no longer in need of a shower cap but there's lot's of other unique items for sale. Check out the list--it's 10 pages long with lots of goodies for any sized stocking regardless of what holiday you celebrate.

October 26, 2010

Facebook Fan Page?

In my anniversary post, I talked about goals I had and had not met during my first year as a blogger. One goal I forgot to add to the 'still-need-to-do' list is to create a Facebook Fan Page for my business. In light of the popularity of social media, I think it's important to have a presence for my business and my book on Facebook.

So, in the next few days/weeks/months--however long it takes me--I'm going to create a Facebook Fan Page for my business, Organized Artistry and my book 7 Steps to an Organized Wedding Thank You Note. If anyone has any tips or helpful hints to offer I'd be most appreciative.

I'll keep ya posted!

October 20, 2010

Anniversary Post

I can’t believe it, but this month marks the one year anniversary of my blog. I had taken a class in blogging at the NAPO Conference in Orlando in Spring 2009 and got to create it last October on a day when my then 3 year old started preschool. At the time, I was also not quite 3 months pregnant with my second child and still feeling well enough to ‘give birth’ to another extension of my business.

I had set some goals for myself—some I met and some I didn’t…

The ones I met…

• Create interesting content for my blog

• Post at least 2x a month

• Offer great ideas for readers wanting to get organized

Goals I still have to meet…

• Talk about my 7 Steps to an Organized Wedding Thank you Note Book

• Discuss process of writing a full-length manuscript on the same topic (or not getting to write because you have an infant and a preschooler at home)

• Offer organizing tips to brides and grooms

• Post more pictures with blog posts

• Post 3x a month or more

• Post more entries on unique organizing products

I tell my clients not to be too hard on themselves and I’m going to take my own advice. I’m not going to be too hard on myself for not meeting those goals. I had a tough pregnancy and I’ve been sleep deprived since last Spring. There are only so many hours in a day to accomplish what you want to when you have two kids under the age of four!

I’ve loved writing this blog and I’m looking forward to writing more and providing my readers with interesting and helpful content.

Thanks again for droppin’ by…

October 2, 2010

Helpful Organizing Tips - Back to School

So, school has been is session for over a month for some students. How's everyone doing?

In case you didn't get off to the most organized start, not to worry. Here are some tips for getting an A+ in organization for the rest of the school year...

Create a home for library books
A great way to NOT get them mixed up with other 'like' books in your home

and while you're at it...

Make a note on your calendar the day the books are due back to the library. No surprises means no need to pay a library fine.

Designate a home for school papers
Doesn't it seems like schools are the reason so many trees are chopped down each year? The amount of papers sent home is staggering and when you're not looking, they multiply like bunnies on your kitchen counter or dining room table.

An easy system to adopt is to have a spot for papers parents need to see/deal with and a spot for each child. This could be a drawer or shoebox--whatever works for your space and budget. Have each child place papers from school in the parent 'spot' and when the parent is done processing the papers (trip slips/lunch money/) it is returned to the child 'spot.' The child then places the papers in their book bag.

For papers that need to be referred to often, consider placing them in a binder or folder for quick reference (holiday schedule, class lists, etc.).

Designate a home for artwork
First it's 'scribbles' on a page, then finger paints and leaf rubbings come home. Soon, the artwork becomes 3-D and it's living on your dining room table. Before it takes over your home, determine where your children's artwork will live in your home. A folder? A box? Your child's room? Make your child responsible for their creations. They may surprise you with how well they take care of their works of art.

Have supplies on hand
Take advantage of back-to-school sales to save you time, money an stress throughout the school year. I remember when I was an elementary school teacher, Staples would sell mini bottles of Elmer's Glue for .10 cents a bottle in August. I would stock up for my class because inevitable by February, everyone's bottle tips were clogged. Another example--paying .59 cents for a pack of looseleaf paper in the summer is easier on the pocket than $2.49 a pack mid-year.

Know what fits (clothes)
As the seasons change, have a try-on session with your kids. No child wants to go to school in pants that are too short or wear shirts with buttons that pop open and be laughed at by their peers. Write down their needs on a post-it and put it in your wallet for the next time you're at the mall. For my son. I take inventory of all of his shirts to determine what color bottoms he needs. Right now I'm looking for navy blue and gray pants and I have his waist size and pant length written on that same post it. (Yes, I carry a tape measure in my purse! Did you doubt it?)

Prepare the night before
This is probably the most important back-to-school tip I can give you. If there's one thing you can do to stay organized, its to get ready for the next day, the day before. Make school lunches when you're making dinner. Before bedtime, have your kids place their packed knapsacks by your home's point of exit so all they have to do in the morning is put their lunch inside (as well as a last minute item or two) and they're ready to leave. A less stressful morning often leads to a less stressful day. Who doesn't want that?

Wishing you an organized school year!

September 27, 2010

Cool Products - Back to School

The beginning of the school year is a perfect time to get your children organized. I've found some 'cool products' that are sure to keep mornings calm and the kids on track...

Lillian Vernon has a few that I thought would be helpful. The first 'Cool Product' is the Days of the Week Hanging Organizer.

How many of you have fought the 'What am I Going to Wear Today?' battle...and lost? Check the weather report and the kids' schedules and fill each compartment with clothes and accessories for the week. No more morning hassles and "Where is my...?" questions.

It comes in two styles--one that hangs in the closet and one that hangs over the door--choose whichever works best for your child's space.

The second 'Cool Product' is Personalized Pencils
When I was a elementary school teacher, my students were always losing their pencils and accusing each other of taking them. With the personalized pencils, your child will always know if someone has 'borrowed' one by mistake. They'll be more likely to keep them safe from loss, too. Your child will always be prepared with a pencil!

The third Cool Back to School Product from Lillian Vernon is the Over-the-Door Library Center--a great way to organize children's books. Designate one or two spots for library books and you'll always be able to find them when it's time to return them. That's what being organized is all about: Being able to find the things you need when you need them.

To see these and more organizing products for kids, go to and click on 'Lilly's Kids.'

It's never too late to get your kids organized for the school year!

August 19, 2010

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year..."

Remember that famous Staples commercial with the dad dancing with a shopping cart in the aisles of Staples while his children followed solemnly behind him? Who could forget it? That and the sight of school supplies in every store signaled the start of the new school year.

I'll be taking the next few posts to talk about the Back to School season but to start off, here's an article to help 'get you in gear for the new school year.'

In the meantime, enjoy what's left of the summer!

August 1, 2010

Organizing an Event? Doodle It!

I wanted to let you know about a terrific website I use for organizing events. It's called Doodle.

From the 'About Us' page on their website:

The world’s leading online scheduling service, Doodle takes the pain out of finding the right date and time for a group of people to meet and makes scheduling virtually effortless. The basic service is a free online coordination tool which requires neither registration nor software installation.

I just created a Doodle Poll to schedule a block party with my neighbors. It made getting 10 families together on one day practically effortless.

I highly recommend it for scheduling events or making decisions within a large group of people. Use it--it's free and it's going to make you feel soooo organized!

July 21, 2010

Clutter Cop on Rachael Ray Show

I love to watch Peter Walsh in action. If you don't know who Peter Walsh is, check out Oprah's website. He's been her favorite Professional Organizer for years. He does incredible work with people drowning in clutter.

On Thursday's Rachael Ray Show (7/22) he's at it again, helping a 'messy mom' get organized. I can't wait to watch...

July 15, 2010

Throw it Away --the 'Smart' Way

One might not believe it, but I've organized many medicine cabinets for my clients. I've seen more expired medicine than some pharmacists.

Ever wonder how to dispose of it safely? Well...

A few weeks ago I had to get rid of a bottle of infant Tylenol due to a recall of the product. The recall notice led me to call the company who not only refunded me $10 for my troubles, they gave me a website for safely disposing the medication.

I'll be sending my clients as well as family and friends to this website for proper disposal of old medicines. Let's help keep our homes organized and our environment clean!

May 29, 2010

Know a College-Bound Kid?

The Container Store is having $1,000 dorm room makeover sweepstakes!

Visit http://www. and complete the online form to receive updates on college promotions and smart tips for organizing a college student's move. You'll be automatically registered for the dorm room makeover sweepstakes.

Good luck!

May 5, 2010

Pooh was Organized?

"Organizing is what you do before you do something so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up."

A.A. Milne

April 25, 2010

Group It!

It's almost the end of April--I hope you've started your Spring Cleaning for 2010. Although the weather has turned cool today, you're going to want those sandals, sports equipment and other 'summer fun' items at arm's reach very soon.

So far, I've given you four basic organizing principles--here's number five--the last one you'll need for Spring Cleaning and Anytime of the Year Cleaning.

Basic Organizing Principle #5:

Group 'Like with Like.'

Grouping 'like with like' helps you to find what you need when you need it. For instance, if all of your daughter's hair clips were to be grouped together all in one place it would be easier to find the pink Hello Kitty barrette that matches her pink Hello Kitty T-shirt. If her hair clips were dumped in a drawer with a bunch of crayons and a few beanie babies, they would be much harder to locate quickly.

Another example: All that 'tupperware' we talked about in Basic Organizing Principle #4--how many times have you cursed under your breath because you couldn't find a square-shaped lid to match it's bottom part? Grouping 'like with like' is the key to finding that bottom part in a matter of seconds.

To achieve optimal container storage, take all of your storage containers out of your cabinet and place them on the dining room table. Sort them by category--group all circle and oval shaped containers and then the squares and rectangles. Do the same with the lids. Then match up lids with bottoms. If you have any missing bottoms or lids, consider recycling or repurposing the other mate-less piece.

Grouping 'like with like' will save you:

Time - no long and tiresome searches for what you need
Money - no more spending $$$ on items you already have but just can't find
Stress--self explanatory...

Even if you haven't started your Spring Cleaning yet, start grouping 'like with like.' It will make you feel like you've taken a huge step towards organizing your home.

April 19, 2010

Take a Moment

Remember the last organizing principle we discussed?

This one piggy-backs on the last one...

Basic Organizing Principle #4:

Take the Time to Put Things Away Properly
You've created a home for your stuff. You've used it and now it's time to put it back in it's home.

If you take a few seconds or minutes to put something away properly (as opposed to haphazardly or next to/on top of where it should be), you'll be able to find it next time you need it. And, the next time you need it, it will be easier to retrieve.

For example, if you usually take your tupperware out of the dishwasher and jut toss it into your cabinet, you'll have difficulty retrieving a matching top and bottom the next time you need it.

I often advise people that spending a few minutes putting items 'back in their home' will save them time when they need to revisit that area in the future.

Spending time NOW will save you time LATER.

Keep on doing that Spring cleaning!

April 13, 2010

Just like Amazon!

Just wanted to let you know that The Container Store has just introduced 'Ratings and Reviews' for their thousands of products. So, if you've bought from The Container Store in the past, go ahead and write a review for that product. If you do it by May 31, 2010 you'll be entered to win a $500 gift card.

Go to to submit an online review. It's just like Amazon, only for organizing products!

April 9, 2010

"Honey, Where's the...?"

Did you do your taxes yet? If not, stop reading this entry and go straight to your accountant's office. If your taxes are done and you're ready to tackle another part of Spring Cleaning then read on...

I'd like to share with you another basic organizing principle--one that is so basic, we don't even realize half the time that we're doing it.

Basic Organizing Principle #3:

Designate a logical and specific 'home' to put your belongings

Also known as:

“A Place for Everything and Everything in It’s Place”

First example: the toothbrush.

How many of you keep your toothbrush in the living room or the bedroom? Where do most people keep it? Right—in the bathroom—in a holder or drawer or medicine cabinet. Why do we keep it there? Because it’s logical to keep it in the place that we use it. And it’s most likely that when we need it, we’ll find it right there in the bathroom.

Whenever I give a talk, I like to tell people the story of when my hubby and I were first married. We used to go shopping for items for the house and we would bring the tape measure with us. When we came back it would be put down—we hadn’t established a home for it. After one too many, ‘Honey, have you seen the tape measure?’ We decided to designate a home for it in one of our kitchen drawers and now, nine years later, we always know where to find it…

This doesn't need to be complicated. When figuring out a 'home' for an object, ask yourself,

• Where would i use this most often (toothbrush = bathroom)

• If this object leaves the house with me often, where should I create a spot for it? (near the front door? hall closet? mudroom? On a hook/shelf/in a tote bag?

• If I don't use this item often, what is the most logical spot for it?

If you think finding a home for every itty bitty thing in your home is going to be overwhelming--don't panic! You've already made a logical home for most of your belongings (clothes in the drawers/closet, food in the fridge/pantry,and let's not forget your toothbrush...). By designating a logical and specific place to put your belongings, it will enable you to find what you need when you need it--and that's REALLY what being organized is all about.

March 26, 2010

Break it Down!

March 20th was the first day of Spring. Started Spring Cleaning yet?

Whether you have already started or you haven't made that appointment with yourself yet (Basic Organizing Principle #1), here's another way to make Spring Cleaning a less overwhelming task:

Basic Organizing Principle #2:

Break Large Tasks into Smaller Tasks

Let’s say you need to go through your chest of drawers and let’s say you have four drawers—one with underwear, one with socks, one with T-shirts and one with pajamas. Instead of taking a few hours to go through the chest of drawers, try going through one drawer at a time on different days of the week. You’ll be less tired from the task and the job will still get done.


Any organizing task is doable if it is broken down into smaller and less time-consuming tasks.

March 13, 2010

Ready for Spring Cleaning?

Last Sunday I did a presentation for a lovely group of women who were very interested in getting organized. The title of the presentation was, "Organize Your Space...Organize Your Life." Sounds like a lot of information to cover in an hour but I talked about the basics--what one needs to know to get started.

During the months of March and April, I'll be sharing some of those basic organizing principles with you. Spring is just around the corner, which means Spring Cleaning is on the minds of many. Whether you have a studio apartment or a six-bedroom house, it's important to have a plan for your Spring Cleaning.

Here's the first of those basic organizing principles--they're easy to follow and will help you to reach your Spring Cleaning and organizing goals.

Basic Organizing Principle #1:

Make an Appointment with Yourself to Get Organized

Why should you make an appointment with yourself to get organized?

It’s very important to set aside time for organizing--just like you’d make time for the doctor or an oil change. What happens if you don’t keep the doctor’s appointment? You may get billed and be in poor health for a long time. What happens if you don’t keep the appointment for the oil change? Your car might stop working. What if you don’t keep your organizing appointment? Your home will not function efficiently much like the car without the oil change or your body without seeing the doctor…

Carve out a time when you’re most energetic and likely to have a minimum of interruptions. Mark it on your calendar and keep that appointment!

March 4, 2010

Me, My Labelmaker, and Some Great Press

This Sunday I'll be speaking at the second annual Queen Esther Tea at the YM-TWHA of Union County, NJ, hosted by the Women's Campaign of the Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey. The topic is: 'Organize Your Space...Organize Your Life.'

I was pleased to be approached by a writer from New Jersey Jewish News who was covering the event. She gave Organized Artistry some great publicity (Thanks, Elaine!) and gave the paper's readership a good bit of knowledge on getting ready for the upcoming Passover holiday and the topic of disorganization.

To read the article and see a picture of me with my trusty labelmaker (still working after eight years in the biz!) click on:

More on 'Organize Your Space...Organize Your Life' to come!

February 11, 2010

Cool Product

When I was growing up, I lived in a very tight space--not much room for collections or 'extras.' But, the one thing I chose to collect was Playbills.

I grew up in one of the five boroughs of NYC and always had a love of theater. Broadway was only a subway away and over the years I came to collect many Playbills from shows I had seen. I kept them in shoeboxes under my bed--that was my inexpensive way of keeping them organized.

I have since graduated from shoe boxes to clear containers but I just found out about a great product and wanted to pass it on to you. A client of mine sees a lot of shows and like me, enjoys keeping the Playbills. She did a little research and found the 'Playbill Binder.'

They come in a few different sizes--one for contemporary-sized Playbills. one for a collection of larger sized and contemporary Playbills and one economically-priced binder for Playbills of any size.

You don't have to be a lover of Broadway to use this product. Maybe you're a proud parent or grandparent and want to keep the 'playbills' from dance recitals and band performances. Maybe you do community theater in your neighborhood and wish to hold onto the playbills from the shows you perform in. Whatever your needs are, the Playbill Binder is a great investment for keeping Playbills from getting bent out of shape or lost in the shuffle.

Maybe it's time for me to graduate from clear containers to the Playbill Binder???

February 5, 2010

elfa Sale at The Container Store

Have you been thinking of using an elfa system to organize your closet or kitchen? Now's the time to check it out!

The Container Store is having a sale: 30% off off elfa products and 30% off installation. Sale ends February 15th.

For elfa sale details, go to:

For a Container Store near you go to:

Let's get organized in 2010!

January 31, 2010

NAPO-NNJ's Get Organized Month Event

On Saturday, January 30th over 25 Professional Organizers (including myself) gathered at the IKEA of Paramus to educate their guests on the benefits of getting organized with IKEA products in honor of 'Get Organized' Month.

It was amazing to see so many people coming out to shop and learn about organizing on such a frigid day. We met hundreds of people who wished for better organization in their homes and in their lives. We gave out tip sheets, did presentations and gave advice on helpful IKEA products.

A few pictures from the day:

Our Tips Table in the Cafeteria

Greeting IKEA guests

Organizing a Kitchen presentation

Helping out an IKEA customer

What will NAPO-NNJ do next year for 'Get Organized Month?' Who knows--but whatever our event may be, we hope it is a s successful as our day at the IKEA of Paramus in 2010.

January 25, 2010

Come to IKEA of Paramus!

If you're still not sure what to do this Saturday, drive on over to the Paramus, NJ IKEA for the NAPO-NNJ event: 'Organize to Economize' in the New Year with IKEA Products.

Or, if you live in Manhattan/The Five Boroughs of NYC the #171 bus out of the Port Authority George Washington Bridge Terminal in Washington Heights will get you there. It stops right at the IKEA--and you can shop, stop by the cafeteria for a yummy lunch and get your organizing questions answered.

For more information, go to:


See you there!

January 22, 2010

What's In My Work Bag?

I carry two bags to my client's homes. One holds my client's folder, a few odds and ends supplies, something to nosh on and the contents of my everyday purse. The other bag holds my supplies. It's not the size of a carry-on suitcase but it's large enough for me to cart around some basic and not-so-basic supplies I might need while working with a client.

In the 'What's In My Work Bag' blog entry, I'll be sharing with you some of the items I take with me 'on-the- job' to make my job and my client's lives a bit easier.

Today's item is a 3.5" plastic tab used to label a hanging folder. Standard size for these 'tabbies' as a I like to call them are 2". But, have you ever tried to describe the contents of your hanging folder in 2"? Whether you're using a label maker or your own handwriting, it can be a challenge to fit all those words in 2" and then be able to read what you wrote or decipher your abbreviations.

Enter the 3.5" 'tabbie.' Almost double the size of a standard plastic tab, you can fit many more words on it to describe the contents of your hanging folder such as 'Medical: Scott's Egg Allergy' or 'Financial: Fidelity SEP.'

If you are considering organizing your files anytime soon, take a walk into your local office supply store and ask for a package of 3.5" tabbies. You'll be glad you did...

January 7, 2010

Professional Organizers at Paramus, NJ IKEA!

Make any New Year's Resolutions for 2010? Great! Did any of those resolutions have to do with getting organized in 2010? Even better!

Want some free advice and a fun place to hang out and grab a bite in this frigid weather we're having? Then plan on heading to the Paramus, IKEA of NJ on Saturday, January 30th for the NAPO-NNJ Get Organized Month Event: 'Organize to Economize' in the New Year with IKEA Products.

We're going to have 'Tips Tables' at major entry points of the store, an 'Ask the Organizer' Tips Table in the Cafeteria from 12pm-2pm, as well as presentations and mini-workshops for adults and kids between 11am and 2:30pm.

The event is FREE! The help from Professional Organizers is FREE! You'll have to buy your own cinnamon bun but the tips, advice and expertise is FREE.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 30th!