March 13, 2010

Ready for Spring Cleaning?

Last Sunday I did a presentation for a lovely group of women who were very interested in getting organized. The title of the presentation was, "Organize Your Space...Organize Your Life." Sounds like a lot of information to cover in an hour but I talked about the basics--what one needs to know to get started.

During the months of March and April, I'll be sharing some of those basic organizing principles with you. Spring is just around the corner, which means Spring Cleaning is on the minds of many. Whether you have a studio apartment or a six-bedroom house, it's important to have a plan for your Spring Cleaning.

Here's the first of those basic organizing principles--they're easy to follow and will help you to reach your Spring Cleaning and organizing goals.

Basic Organizing Principle #1:

Make an Appointment with Yourself to Get Organized

Why should you make an appointment with yourself to get organized?

It’s very important to set aside time for organizing--just like you’d make time for the doctor or an oil change. What happens if you don’t keep the doctor’s appointment? You may get billed and be in poor health for a long time. What happens if you don’t keep the appointment for the oil change? Your car might stop working. What if you don’t keep your organizing appointment? Your home will not function efficiently much like the car without the oil change or your body without seeing the doctor…

Carve out a time when you’re most energetic and likely to have a minimum of interruptions. Mark it on your calendar and keep that appointment!

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