November 27, 2010

Got Leftovers?

How many times have you eaten turkey in the past 72 hours?

I don't cook the turkey but for the past bunch of years my cousin hands me the turkey carcass at the end of the night. I can pick a good two pounds of meat off the bones so when I'm looking to do something creative to it, I turn to the Food Network website.

If you still have some leftovers and need a new recipe, check out Food Network's Thanksgiving 2010 Leftovers page. My personal favorite use of turkey leftovers is Rachael Ray's Turkey Corn Chili recipe. Try it over brown rice for a change of pace from the usual flavors of Thanksgiving.

Let's make sure none of those leftovers are left to languish in the back of the fridge. Clear containers are best--no tin foil surprises at the end of the week.

Get ready to purge your fridge anyway...Hannukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa are just a few weeks away.

Gobble, gobble...

November 19, 2010

I'm on Facebook!

OK--so it took me a while and I still need to tweak it a bit but Organized Artistry finally has a Facebook Fan Page!

Come on over and add yourself to the growing list of people who 'LIKE' it. I'll be offering holiday organizing tips through the end of the year--who can't use a few of those?

See you on Facebook...

November 12, 2010

Organizing for the Holidays

Have you eaten all of your kids' Halloween candy yet? Make way for chocolate turkeys and Russell Stover Santas--it's holiday time! I know you're busy just thinking bout the holidays and for those celebrating Hannukah, it's an 'eat-turkey-then-quickly-fry-latkes' kinda year.

To help make this holiday season less stressful, run, don't walk over to my website to read, 'Tools and Tips for Keeping the Holidays Organized.'

I'd love to hear if any of the tips worked for you.

Still working on that Facebook Fan Page. I'll let you know when I'm up and running!

November 1, 2010

The Container Store's New Stocking Stuffers!

It must be holiday time! I just got an email from The Container Store with their 'Top Picks' for Stocking Stuffers.

I love to see what gadgets they sell for the holidays. One year I saw a rubber duckie shower cap that looked adorable (I had really long hair at the time). No matter how many times I stopped into The Container Store near me in Paramus, I could not get one--all sold out!

I've since cut my hair and am no longer in need of a shower cap but there's lot's of other unique items for sale. Check out the list--it's 10 pages long with lots of goodies for any sized stocking regardless of what holiday you celebrate.