March 26, 2010

Break it Down!

March 20th was the first day of Spring. Started Spring Cleaning yet?

Whether you have already started or you haven't made that appointment with yourself yet (Basic Organizing Principle #1), here's another way to make Spring Cleaning a less overwhelming task:

Basic Organizing Principle #2:

Break Large Tasks into Smaller Tasks

Let’s say you need to go through your chest of drawers and let’s say you have four drawers—one with underwear, one with socks, one with T-shirts and one with pajamas. Instead of taking a few hours to go through the chest of drawers, try going through one drawer at a time on different days of the week. You’ll be less tired from the task and the job will still get done.


Any organizing task is doable if it is broken down into smaller and less time-consuming tasks.

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