January 22, 2010

What's In My Work Bag?

I carry two bags to my client's homes. One holds my client's folder, a few odds and ends supplies, something to nosh on and the contents of my everyday purse. The other bag holds my supplies. It's not the size of a carry-on suitcase but it's large enough for me to cart around some basic and not-so-basic supplies I might need while working with a client.

In the 'What's In My Work Bag' blog entry, I'll be sharing with you some of the items I take with me 'on-the- job' to make my job and my client's lives a bit easier.

Today's item is a 3.5" plastic tab used to label a hanging folder. Standard size for these 'tabbies' as a I like to call them are 2". But, have you ever tried to describe the contents of your hanging folder in 2"? Whether you're using a label maker or your own handwriting, it can be a challenge to fit all those words in 2" and then be able to read what you wrote or decipher your abbreviations.

Enter the 3.5" 'tabbie.' Almost double the size of a standard plastic tab, you can fit many more words on it to describe the contents of your hanging folder such as 'Medical: Scott's Egg Allergy' or 'Financial: Fidelity SEP.'

If you are considering organizing your files anytime soon, take a walk into your local office supply store and ask for a package of 3.5" tabbies. You'll be glad you did...

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Pendaflex said...

I am glad about my 3.5" tabbies, but I always thought that was my secret to success!