May 10, 2011

Be an Organized Bride--It's in the Details...

Have you ever had a dream that you forgot your veil at home on your wedding day? Or that you put all of your invitations in the mailbox without stamping them first?

Then you must be a bride-to-be.

No need to wake up in a cold sweat anymore. I have an amazing list for you...

A bride-to-be in North Carolina, has compiled a list of 20 wedding details you don't want to forget. I thought it was a pretty impressive list considering she's not even married yet. My personal favorite is:

#15 Photographer's guidelines - It helps a photographer to have a list of photos that are high priority.

I couldn't agree more. You don't want to get your proofs back and see that your photographer has taken a bunch of pictures of your boss and her husband while your grandmother is only in two shots.

Read her list and breathe a sigh of relief. She's done all the work for ya. And I'm more than happy to pass on the information and help make your wedding planning more organized and less stressful.

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