June 27, 2011

Social Media Buttons - Hooray!

I always wondered where people got those cool looking social media buttons. I wanted them for my blog but didn't know the first thing about finding them.

So, today while my little guy was napping, I did a search. Much to my surprise, they're all over the place! They come in different colors, shapes, styles--all I really wanted was a simple set to place after each of my blog posts--nothing fancy.

In my search I cam across a very helpful article at Internet Marketing for Mommies. The directions were very easy to follow. Found my buttons at AddThis and a few minutes later--Presto! I have social media buttons after each of my posts.

Now that the buttons are there, feel free to go back to some of your favorite posts and share them with those who you think might learn from them and enjoy them. Thanks!

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