July 8, 2011

Facebook's Payvment Shopping Mall

A short while ago, I discovered an new app for Facebook--the Payvment Shopping Mall. It is a shopping cart system using 'Open Cart' technology that allow customers to shop from storefront to storefront--all without leaving Facebook.

Although I sell my book via Amazon and my website, I am always looking for other venues to list my book. When I saw the opportunity to launch a store while the app is still in public beta, I jumped at it.

What's also great about Payvment Shopping Mall is that it makes it easy for fans and shoppers to Tweet or Like a product which then enables it to appear in their various News Feeds. It spreads the word about a product with a single click!

Here's my listing for 7 Steps to an Organized Wedding Thank You Note. Why not check out the Payvment Shopping Mall? You never know what you'll find once you're done checking your friend's status...

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