March 16, 2012

I'm Going to the NAPO 2012 Conference in Baltimore!

I've very excited! Next week I'll be attending the National Association of Professional Organizers 2012 Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

I have attended three other NAPO Conferences in the past and let me tell you, this is no vacation. My experience attending the Conference can only be described as a brain-blowing, intense, and jam-packed with organizing and entreprenurial education and networking.

The workshops I've signed up for are on the topic of:
Public Speaking
You Tube
Photo Organizing
Feng Shui
Bringing Your Organizing Product to Market

There are 'Ask the Organizer' Panels and Pre-Conference workshops, too. I'm also going to an informal gathering for people who use Evernote (where I dump and store the thousands of ideas I have swimming in my brain). Our Keynote address is being presented by Bill Rancic--the man who was the first winner of The Apprentice!

I'm looking forward to meeting new organizers, spending more time with my NAPO-NNJ and NAPO-NY colleagues and those I don't know very well. I'm also excited to visit the Conference EXPO hall which is always chock full of booths from companies that support the organizing profession.

My Conference materials have been downloaded, I've made my packing list, and mapped out the almost 4-hr drive to Baltimore. I'll let you know all about it when I get back!

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