October 22, 2012

Cool Product - Fridge Binz Part 2

A year and a half ago, I discovered a product that revolutionized my sandwich-making abilities. No, I didn't hire a chef--I bought a Fridge Bin for my refrigerator.

My food, especially my bread products, was getting lost, smushed and squashed. While strolling through the aisles of The Container Store one day (Yes, that's where Professional Organizers stroll...) I happened upon the Fridge Bin. I thought the concept was great--but would it function well in my fridge?

If you read my first Fridge Binz post you know that it was a success. And, I'm happy to report that almost a year and a half later, it still holds my bread products and saves them from being mutilated on a daily basis.

That's some of my bread products safely nestled in the Fridge Bin...

I was so happy with how it functioned in my refrigerator, I bought another one! This one wasn't for keeping my bread organized--it was for baby food. Those dang jars and little containers are very good at hiding! And when they hide, the food inside of them goes bad. Can't feed that to a baby...

I had tried organizing my youngest son's food on the top right shelf of our refrigerator but somehow, it would all migrate across the shelf, and start hiding behind and mingling with other foods--not to be seen for days.

Back to The Container Store I went and here's what I came home with...

It's deeper and more narrow than my first purchase. It's perfect for corralling my little guy's food items and it's BPA free, too.

It lives on the right side of the top shelf of my refrigerator--the spot where I had begun my organizing process. It's a place for me to throw my son's little containers, baggies of leftovers or anything I'm defrosting for him. No more lost toddler food which means the Fridge Bin is saving me money and time. I like that!

Another Fridge Bin success story!


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