December 16, 2012

SMEAD - Secure Pockets with Easy Grip

If you've read some of my past posts, you know that just about once a month, the office supply company, SMEAD sends me one of their products to review on my blog. I'm always excited to rip open the package to see what it is.

SMEAD has sent me what I think is a very efficient office/home office product--the Secure Pocket with Easy Grip.

Have you ever put a bunch of papers in a folder and had them fall out all over the floor? I think all of us at one time or another has had that happen. It's no fun!

Enter the SMEAD Secure Pocket with Easy Grip. This pocket folder is designed to provide twice as much grip as other pocket folders. I'm not sure even a tornado could blow papers out of these folders.

These straps you see in the picture are strong! You're going to need to eat a bowl of Wheeties or head to the gym before stretching these straps out! I tried pulling them before I had my breakfast and I had to exert more energy than I usually do when securing paper into a pocket folder...

It fits beautifully in a file cabinet and has Tyvek reinforcements on the side to make the place where you put the straps practically tear-proof. Yea--no raggedy looking edges! It also has a barely noticeable grippy material running across the top of the folder--this makes it easier to pull out of your file cabinet. Love this feature!

Just to test it out, I put some papers inside the Secure Pocket with Easy Grip. I placed the straps over the top of the folder, threw it up in the air and the papers didn't fall out. I knocked the folder off my desk--no papers fell out.

With the SMEAD Secure Pocket with Easy Grip you're practically guaranteed that your papers won't fly out of the top and that you'll get an upper body workout as well. Who could ask for more from an office product?

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