May 20, 2013

Organization to the Rescue--Literally!

You never know where you'll find extraordinary examples of organization...

Yesterday, my family and I attended an event sponsored by the Junior League of Bergen County, NJ called Touch-a-Truck. It's a little kids' paradise--a parking lot filled with a variety of vehicles. There are garbage trucks, ambulances, dump trucks, diggers--you get the idea. Kids are allowed to sit in the vehicles, honk the horns, ask questions and Mom and Dad get a few photo opps, too. It's always a fun time--even in yesterday's rain.

My three year old loves garbage trucks--he was in awe of their size up close. What was I in awe of? A vehicle that had what looked like 'pull-out' drawers!

Mystified, I walked over to the truck and struck up a conversation with one of their Riding Members. The vehicle was from Rescue Squad 23 of Ramsey, NJ. I learned that the truck and the people who work on it help to rescue people trapped in accidents and structural collapses as well as in confined spaces, water and ice rescues.


But what I found to be most fascinating was the truck's organization. This truck has PULL-OUT DRAWERS!

These rescue trucks carry equipment to assist with dangerous scenarios. Not only do the trucks have to be loaded with the correct gear, the rescue squad must be able to find the tools they need within seconds. I was told that these pull-out drawers utilize up the extra space the truck has in the center. Brilliant! Squad members ride in the front cab and all of their supplies are in the back.

It just goes to show--you never know where you'll find organizing inspiration!

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