July 18, 2013

Organizing 'Quick Tip:' Take Action with Post-its

If you've been reading my blog for a while or 'Like' Organized Artistry on Facebook, then you know how much I love Post-its. I own and use them in different colors, shapes and sizes. Up until recently, I used the 'Stickies' program on my Mac (replaced now by the paperless, Evernote...). Truth be told, I just downloaded the Post-it app to my smart phone--I couldn't help myself...

I use Post-its almost everyday, both in my business and personal life. I use them as a place to dump my brain and to help me remember what I need to do. I find that they come in handy when dealing with papers that need to be acted upon. Today's Organizing 'Quick Tip' of the day is...

Use a Post-it to remind you to take a particular action.

For instance, I'm always collecting store coupons--especially ones for the stores where I buy my kids' clothing. They're always needing something in their wardrobe! When I get the coupon, I place a Post-it on top of it and jot down what I need to buy in that store. No need to comb my brain thinking about what I need to buy when I get a moment to shop. It's all there, ready for me to act upon.

A while back, I needed some picture frames and photo albums. I thought I might have trouble remembering what I needed once I got to the store--so I went searching for my good friend, the Post-it. I wrote on the Post-it above exactly what products I was looking for and stuck it to the coupon. By doing so, I spent less time at the store and no time trying to recall what I needed to buy.

Write the action that you need to take on a Post-it to remind you...

To pay a bill by a certain date.
To write back to someone who sent you a holiday card.
To create a new file for a stack of papers.
To donate or toss an unwanted item.
To follow up on an project you're working on.

What action will a Post-it remind you to take today?

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