February 6, 2014

GO Month 2014 - Operation Preschool Phase 1

A few weeks ago, I told you about a project I am working on--the organization of two storage closets at my son's preschool.  Because of the snow and bad weather we've been having, the project is going slower than expected, but I wanted to share it's progress with you.

On Martin Luther King Day, my hubby had the day off from work and offered to help me with Phase 1 of organizing the storage closet. He came in very handy as a second pair of eyes and a pair of strong arms. Thanks, Hubs!

Here's what the closet looked like before we started:

Two and a half hours later here's what it looked like:

Before we opened the closet door, I gave my hubby two rules to follow that day:



We opened the door and started getting things off the floor.

When I work with a client in a space like this, we begin de-cluttering the floor first for one simple reason: SAFETY. It's very easy to slip on or trip over an object on the floor. Getting injured really slows down the organizing process...

What did we do? We...
• stacked all the chairs together
• created a temporary area for the custodial supplies that share this space
• removed anything that was broken beyond repair, yellowed, and crushed under the weight of heavier items
• grouped all toys, papers, classroom items that were in good shape in one spot so the teachers can look through them at a later date

Before, during, or after the school day the teachers can take a few minutes to go through the supplies and make decisions--keep or toss. Now, they can actually step into the closet safely to accomplish this and move the project forward!

So if you have a room in your home that looks like this, follow my two rules above and here's a third:

Wear CLOSED TOE shoes while organizing

Even the lightest object falling on your foot can hurt if you're wearing open toed shoes, walking around in socks, or are going barefoot.

Once the weather gets better, we'll be forging ahead with the next steps in organizing the closets--I'll keep you posted!

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