October 14, 2009

Organizing on the Cheap

A few years ago, a fabulous magazine was born called 'Organize.' During most of it's short life, I had the honor of writing the 'Organizing on a Shoestring' column. I would write about ways to organize items inexpensively or for free based on an organizing challenge that most people have such as keeping children's artwork or gift wrap from taking over the home.

In light of today's economy, I thought from time to time I'd share some very inexpensive organizing products with you. Sometimes it will even be free stuff you can find around your home!

Today's Organizing on the Cheap Award goes to: The Key Cover

What is a key cover? A key cover is a piece of plastic that slips over the top of your key. It can function as a gripper for those who have difficulty turning their keys and/or as an organizing tool for those with many keys on one ring.

I have a bunch of keys on my key ring and I needed a way to quickly locate my front door key as reached for them in my purse or coat pocket. When it's cold out or you're carrying heavy packages, every second counts!

I took a stroll into my local mom-n-pop hardware store and found a fishbowl filled with key covers of different colors--29 cents a piece. I took a red one (easy to spot in my purse, too), handed the cashier my quarter and four pennies, attached it to my front door key and have had very easy entry to my home ever since. This is what my key covers look like--pretty simple...

For those of you who would like to spend a few dollars more and put a little of their personality on their key chains, you can get key covers that look like monkeys, Pac-Man, Hello Kitty and guitars for the musically-inclined...

Whether it costs you a few dollars or a few cents, a key cover will save you time at your front door and free you from forever fumbling for the right key.

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