March 6, 2011

Be an Organized Blogger

I started this blog a year and a half ago when my son began preschool. Since then, I've had another child and my busy days and exhausted evenings have left me little time for blogging. If a Professional Organizer doesn't have a lot of time for blogging but she really wants to blog--what should she do?

Get organized!

I knew that if I wasn't organized, weeks or months would go by without a posting. Why have a blog if you're not going to post to it?

I reviewed some basic organizing principles and applied them to blogging. Now I'm blogging at least once a week and I always know what I'm going to talk about when I sit in front of my computer.

Here's one of the many ways I stay organized while blogging:

Get rid of the clutter
Too many pictures, videos, or advertisements detract from what you’ve written. Keep the look of your blog simple and streamlined. You have to grab the reader’s attention within the first three seconds of their arrival at your blog. If they have to spend those three seconds looking for your latest blog post, they may not return out of frustration.

Find this tip  and other helpful advice in my article: Be a Better Blogger: Organizing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Whether you already have a blog or you're thinking of starting one, being organized will help you achieve your blogging goals with less stress and more time for posting.

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