March 30, 2011

Cool Product - Cable Turtle

Wires, wires, wires! They can be a mess!

How do you keep from tripping over, getting tangled in and hiding all those wires you have?

Use cable turtles.

What is a cable turtle you may ask? A cable turtle is a storage solution designed to hold and hide excess wire/cord/cable. It keeps an area tidy and free from the usual tangled mess that comes with today's technology.

I just started using one and I love it--I picked it up at my local Container Store. These cable turtles come in different colors and three sizes: Mini, Small, and Large. 

I am using the mini one for my iPhone wire. It keeps my desk neat and my toddler can't put the wire in his mouth as easily as he used to.

Look here for more ways to tame your wires. Whether it's a wire from a lamp, hairdryer, kitchen appliance or really long extension cord, there's a wire storage solution for you. You don't have to live with the spider web of cords anymore!

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