April 24, 2011

Earth Day Organizing Tips

If Spring wasn't enough of an incentive to make change in your life, along came Earth Day.

According to earthday2011.org, United States Senator Gaylord Nelson founded the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 in an attempt help people understand the affect they have on their planet and make positive environmental changes within communities. Now over 140 countries have their own Earth Days. Oprah would call this 'The Power of One."

Just like we make resolutions for New Year's, it's a great idea to make similar resolutions for Earth Day. Instead of pledging to exercise more, pledge to recycle more. Instead of changing the way you eat, change the way you conserve energy in your home.

My family has made some changes to better the planet. We...

• use cloth napkins instead of paper
• created a spot for recycling paper and plastics in the buffet table in our dining room
• use energy-saving lightbulbs
• keep reusable shopping bags in the trunks of our cars for trips to the supermarket
• use homemade cleaners as well as products that are made from natural ingredients
• donate unwanted items to thrift shops

We still have a ways to go. Someday I'd like to try composting and I do my best to shut off lights when I'm not in the room. No one is perfect. But, if we all try to change one habit that can help our planet, Earth will be a healthier place for future generations to live.

In honor of Earth Day, California Closets posted a blog entry about Green Tips for the Organizing Guru. Thought I'd share it with you...

What changes wil you make before Earth Day 2012?

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Melissa - California Closets said...

Great Earth Day tips, and thanks for linking to our blog post as well! :)