April 10, 2011

Facebook Fan Page Photostrip Redux

I jumped onto the Facebook bandwagon in late 2010. I was just beginning to understand the 'old' Facebook Fan Page when they announced that there would be changes. Changes? I just got used to the old way!

Well--I could fight change or go with it. I decided to go with it. In my quest to make my Fan Page as inviting as I could, I happened upon a blog called the Social Media Examiner that was talking about optimizing the new Facebook Fan Page layout. In one of their posts, they offered a great idea for the photostrip--the recent addition of five photo boxes at the top of your Fan Page.

Up until recently, I had my company logo, the NAPO logo, a photo of my book and some clip art in the photostrip. None of it fit perfectly in those squares and it wasn't looking very good. In fact, it looked disorganized! Aahhhh!

Now, you can delete those photo boxes, but why not take the opportunity to fill them with business related photos? In my business, I take a lot of photos of heaps of paper and piles of clothes--not exactly the most exciting or aesthetically pleasing pictures. I decided instead to create my own pictures--of words--words that reflected the nature of my business and the art of organizing.

Here's an example:
The photos in the photostrip are displayed randomly so I'll be adding new ones often--offering some quick organizing tips and motivational text-bytes.

Check out my Fan Page photostrip and become a Fan! You never know what you'll find at the top of my Organized Artistry Fan Page!

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