December 13, 2011

LEGO Storage

If you have a kid who likes playing with LEGO but can't seem to keep it off the floor and other horizontal surfaces--help is here! 

Chloe at Get, Set Organize has written a most amazing blog post on storage options for LEGO. Carve a good 15 minutes out of your day to digest it all. There's A LOT of information jam-packed into that post.

Not only does she offer 26 storage ideas both store bought and DIY, she also gives tips on how to organize a LEGO collection.

Kids learn through play. So, why not teach them to be organized through play? They'll be home for Christmas/Holiday break soon. A LEGO organizing project is a great way to keep your floors free of LEGO and teach your kids sorting skills, responsibility, and an appreciation for living an organized life.


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