December 5, 2011

Marry a Professional Organizer? The Pros and Cons...

I like to infuse my blog with humor. So, when I looked around for some funny stuff about organizing, I came across two blog posts that really made me laugh.

I've read articles about people's experiences working as a Professional Organizer.

I've read articles about people working with Professional Organizers.

But this I had never read before...

Top 5 Reasons You Should Marry a Professional Organizer


Top 5 Cons of Marrying a Professional Organizer (includes a 'Marriage-Saving Disclaimer')

When I told my husband about these blog posts, he had a good chuckle, too. He hasn't read them yet, but I'm sure he'd be in agreement with what most of what the author says.

So if you live with a Professional Organizer or someone who acts like one, please know you are not alone!

What do you think--marrying a Professional Organizer--Pro or Con?

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