January 22, 2013

Organizing 'Quick Tip'

If you're like many people, you recently made one or two New Year's resolutions.

You've made a plan and you've set mini-goals for yourself to make those resolutions a reality--that's great. Maybe that plan includes weekly organizing sessions. Maybe you'll be organizing your garage in the Spring or you'll be spending time every day going through your bulging file cabinets.

Whatever plans you have for reaching your organizing goals this year, follow this quick-tip to make reaching your goals easier on your mind and body.

Determine when you are 'at your best' and schedule organizing at that time.

Melting Wall Clock - Photo: coolclockshop.com

Are you a morning person?
A night owl?
Somewhere in between? (I call myself an Afternoon Person...)

If you're not sure when your most 'productive' time of day is, try doing one simple organizing task before breakfast. Try another one on another day in the early/late afternoon. Try another one at 10pm. When did you feel you did your best?

Aim to work at an organizing task when your energy and concentration levels are high. Being alert at 'task time' will help you to accomplish your mini-goals faster, more creatively and consciously.

The saying may go, 'The early bird catches the worm," but if you're not an early bird, then it's highly unlikely you'll be successful at worm-catching (and then organizing them afterward...).

Work with the natural rhythms of your body and brain. Your productivity will soar, your organizing goals will be met, and you'll embrace the end of the year with an amazing feeling of accomplishment.


Janet Barclay said...

I am definitely a morning person. Every once in a while, a client asks to schedule an evening appointment, and I just explain that I start my day at 6 AM, so by 8 PM, it would be very hard for me to give you the focused attention you deserve.

Stacey Agin Murray, Professional Organizer said...

I admire you! Even though I have to get up early (with my little kiddies) I am not an early morning person. I would consider myself more of a mid-morning person. As we've both seen, the first step is to figure out when we are at our best and schedule our most important work then...