January 16, 2013

SMEAD - Poly Translucent Slash Jackets

Another product from SMEAD has arrived in my mailbox!

January's product review is for the Poly Translucent Slash Jacket. It sounds like a great name for a punk rock band to me, but it's not--it's really the name of an office product.

The 'Slash Jacket' comes in 'clear' or a pack of assorted colors. SMEAD sent me one in a nice baby blue. It's very pretty...

They are...
- translucent
- 3-hole punched for standard three-ring binders
- letter size
- acid free, archival quality
- closed on both sides and on the bottom

And they have pockets on both sides - great for storing lots of papers!

The 'Slash' part of this product is what makes it functional. Papers are kept safe and at the same time are easy to retrieve and put away. Try doing that with a full plastic sleeve--not as easy...

I wouldn't use them for recipes but I could see using them in a binder of information that requires easy access such as...

- A Wedding binder - one side for ideas, one side for vendor contracts
- A Decorating/Adding On/Building a New Home binder - one side for each room of the house
- A binder for Students - one side for tests, the other side for important class notes

No need for a hole puncher. No little, punched-out circles all over your desk or floor. The Poly Translucent Slash Jacket is a perfect solution for organizing, storing and retrieving papers in a three-ring binder.

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