October 10, 2011

Anniversary Post

Today I celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Organized Artistry blog. Woo-hoo!

In my first year of blogging, I was getting used to writing weekly while juggling a pregnancy and new baby. This past year, I've learned a lot about blogging and although still sleep deprived, wrote and posted more often--one of the many goals I had set out to accomplish.

Some of my other goals were:

• Post more pictures with blog posts. Check! I think it livens up the page a bit more, don't you?
• Post 3x a month or more. Check! Who knew that there was so much to write about on the topic of organizing?
• Post more entries on unique organizing products. Check! I'm always on the lookout for cool products. Stay tuned for a review of a product I just bought for myself...

Some goals I didn't meet:
• Talking about my book, 7 Steps to an Organized Wedding Thank You Note
• Discussing the process of writing a full length manuscript on the above topic (while juggling family and lack of time and sleep)
• Offering more organizing tips to brides and grooms

Although I will still create posts on this topic, I am considering creating a separate Facebook Page for my current and future book in 2012. I'm working on my manuscript in small chunks--just like I would advise an organizing client to do with a large task--break it down so it's more managable. Will keep you posted my progress....

What I've added to my blog:
• Guest bloggers! I've been doing some guest blogging lately, and I thought, 'Why not invite some bloggers to post at Organized Artistry?' I think it's been a fun way to bring new ideas and writing styles to my blog, I hope you've enjoyed reading the posts.
• New Categories! Such as 'Guest Blogger,' 'What's in my Workbag?' and 'Kitchen'
• A connection to my Organized Artistry Facebook Page
• The ability to subscribe to my blog via email (top right of page)

My goals for this year are:
• Post more often
• Post helpful content
• Offer more guest blog posts
• Give you the answers to your burning organizing questions
• Build a growing readership

I have a blast writing this blog--I hope you enjoy reading it and learning from it. Let me know what you've learned or would like to learn about organizing this year. Your questions and need for answers are my future blog posts!

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